What is a Nomination?

A Nomination is an important prequel to an election. Individuals who want to run as candidates in an election are nominated (or nominate themselves) for the position up for election. A Nomination may also refer to the collection of individuals eligible to win an award.

The Nomination period is often multi-purpose. In addition to being used to collect nominations, the Nomination period is an integral part of informing the voters about the election.

Nomination procedures can vary based on the context in which the Nomination is occurring. For example, the candidate that represents a political party (ex. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton representing the Republican and Democratic Parties, respectively) is known as the party’s nominee. However, there is a election process beforehand, called preselection, to decide which of the party’s members will be the nominee. By contrast, in parliament, Nominations are proposed via Motions.

Nomination ballot
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Possible Voting Methods for a Nomination

ElectionBuddy has a voting method called nomination that is specifically designed for collecting nominations.

With this voting method, the “Allow Write-Ins” ballot feature is automatically enabled, as that’s really all a Nomination is — collecting write-ins exclusively. If you try and turn off the write-in feature, you will not be able to start the election.

Common Ballot Features Used in Nominations

Common ballot features used in Nominations include:

  • The “Abstain” option, which allows for voters to abstain from voting on the Nomination ballot question.

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