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ElectionBuddy ensures election integrity, saves serious hours and improves turnout for election voting or for meeting voting. It’s free to test and free for under 20 voters

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Improve voter turnout

Notify voters through email, mail, text message or with your own systems. Receive undeliverable notice alerts and schedule reminders. Voters vote by phone, computer, mail or in person.

Voting integrity

Voter can only vote once and voting choices remain anonymous. Each ballot has one, secure voting key and the vote is auditable, verifiable and can be independently observed.

Simply automated

Complete setup in 3 steps with extensive online help and email support - spend your time monitoring, not counting. Or engage our experts for dedicated assistance or independent election oversight.

Fast results

Winners are immediately calculated using first past the post, cumulative voting, preferential ballot, STV Single transferable vote or approval voting. You can tabulate results yourself too!

Election security

256-bit encryption used to safeguard your vote — the same security as major banks. And we don’t share or use voter data — your elections stay private for both you and your voters.

Voters Will Love You for Choosing ElectionBuddy

Voting is easy and convenient

One click to vote from wherever and whenever voters want to vote

Anonymous and secure voting

Voters vote once, with secret ballots and verifiable results

Works the way voters do

Email notifications, text messages, printed or mailed ballots, and live voting during meetings

Speedy results

Share reports, full color graphs, and statistics immediately after the vote is complete

The Best Voting Solution for You and Your Voters

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